Koji Onaka


1960 Born in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan

1982 Graduated from Tokyo Photograph College (present name/Tokyo Visual Arts). Participated in the Image shop CAMP

1988 Opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo (It was managed untill 1992.).

2002 Participated in the gallery [photographers' gallery] at Tokyo. 

2007 Reopened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo until 2014


2015 [KAIDO Magazine] start a new photo magazine

2016 Gallery KAIDO reopen in Tokyo


Major solo exhibitions


2022 [Have a Break & My Ektachrome] Gallery Negative Busan Korea


2022 [My Ektachrome] Gallery KAIDO


2021 [Have a Break]  Gallery KAIDO / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie


2021 [Horse & Cactus]  Gallery KAIDO / Solaris 


2021 [My photo book history] Book obscura  Tokyo


2021 [Faraway Boat and Little Faded Trip] NEGATIVE gallery Busan Korea


2020 [Little Faded Trip] PLACE M Tokyo / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie


2020 [Neko to Koji-kun]  Solaris Osaka / Fuji Film Photo Salon Tokyo


2020 [Faraway Boat] Poetic Scape Tokyo


2020 [Faraway Boat] Irie Taikichi memorial museum of photography Nara city/ Nara


2019 [Short Trip Again] Gallery NEGATIVE  Busan . Korea


2019 [Faraway Boat] White Press Verlag. Colgne Germany


2019 [Sleeping cat] Super labo Tokyo


2018 [memories of younger days in Shinjuku] in)(between gallery. Paris France


2018 [Slow boat] Solaris Osaka.Japan


2018 ['80s Shinjuku] Place M Tokyo. Japan


2018 [Koji Onaka] Gallery Wall Ulsan. Korea


2018 [Free bird] Pan view gallery Zhengzhou.China


2018 [Short trip again] Visual art gallery Osaka.Japan


2018 [Slow boat] Imageless Space Wuxi.China


2018 [sleeping cat] gallery Kaido.Tokyo


2017 [slow boat] Poetic scape. Tokyo


2017 [Collecting Summers] Gallery Kaido. Tokyo


2017 [Matatabi 2017 Spring] Gallery Kaido. Tokyo


2016 [Black frame vertical position] Nakamatsu Shoten. Tokyo


2016 [Memento vivere- From the road] in)(between gallery .Paris


2016 [Lucky cat] Fondation A Stichting, Brussels


2015 [chromaAtic time Axis-detached] in)(between gallery .Paris


2015 [Lucky Trip Again] Solaris,Osaka

2015 [Umimachi] Zeit Foto Salon,Tokyo


2014 [twin boat]Visual art Gallery Osaka/Zen Foto Galley  


2014 [Lucky cat & Matatabi] Projektraum Fotografie  Dortmund Germany


2014 [The Dog in France] Le 29 Librairie Photographique Paris

2013 [My favorite 21] Zen photo gallery Roppongi,Tokyo

2012 [I'm full] Sorajuku,Tokyo/Athens,Osaka

2012 [Koji Onaka]CARRÉ AMELOT ,La Rochell.France

2010 [Tokyo Candy Box] LE PLAC'ART PHOTO, Paris

2010 [Horse & Cactus 2] EMON photo gallery, Tokyo

2009 [SEITAKA-AWADACHISO/NOGATA] Tanio Musium, Fukuoka

2008 [The Dog in France] Nadar,Osaka

2007 [Horse&Cactus- in Mexico] Emon photo gallery,Tokyo

2007 [DRAGONFLY] Chukyo University gallery C・Square


2005 [Latvia,Spain] Visual Arts gallery,Tokyo

2003 [slow boat] photographers' gallery,Tokyo


2002 [Tokyo1984-91/Reaview mirror part2 ] photographers' gallery,Tokyo

2001 [Tokyo Candy Box] PLACE M, Tokyo /Visual Arts,Tokyo/ Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo

1998 [Machikage] Studio EBIS Photo Gallery, Tokyo

1996 [DISTANCE] mole,Tokyo/BERG,Tokyo

1993 [Seitaka Awadachi-sou] Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo

1988-91 series [Seitaka Awadachi-sou] a total of 32 times, gallery KAIDO, Tokyo

1983 [Seitaka Awadachi-sou no aru machi] CAMP, Tokyo

Group exhibitions



2019 [Heisei-Tokyo Snap shot Love] Fuji Film SQUARE Tokyo/ Osaka


2019 [Kaido] Wall gallery Ulsan, Korea


2018 [Highsight - Fotografia ad alta quota] Comune di Gressoney-saint Jean, Italy


2017 [slow boat -10 years of White press] at Forum für Fotografie. Köln ,Germany


2016 [Seven Japanese Rooms] Fondazion Cassa dI risparmio, La Spezia, Italy


2016 [Japanese Photography from Postwar to Now] SFMOMA,Sun Francisco,USA

2016 [Contemporary Japanese Photography] MOMA Tbilisi,Georgia


2014 [Umiachi1997] Kunsthause Essen Germany

2014 [CANALE GARNDE] KunstVereine Ruhr Germany

2011 [Sigeichi Nagano & Koji Onaka// Ce qui se défait ] PHOTO4, Paris France.   

2010 [Daegu Photo Biennale] Culture and Art Center, Daegu, Korea.

2010 [Landscape of Ashikaga] Ashikaga Art Museum,Tochigi.

2009 [Voayages] The Japan Foundation

             Paris  France/ Toluca Mexico/ Lisbon Portugal/ Tokyo

2009 [THE MANILA BOX] Kaida gallery Manila Phillipin

2007 [Japan Caught by Camera]Shanghai Musium China

2007 [RECENT ACQUISITIONS] Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

2005 [Takaramono-My precious:Photos and words five contenporary japanese photographers]  Yokohama citizens gallery,Yokohama

2002-3 [BLACK OUT/Contemporary Japanese Photography ]

            The Japan Foundation Roma/Paris/Tokyo

2002 [The18th Higasikawa Photofiesta] Higashikawa Culture Gallery,Hokkaido

Books and Zines



2021 [Have a Break] KAIDO BOOKS


2021 [Tokyo Candy Box 2nd edition]  Imageless/China


2021 [Horse & Cactus]  KAIDO BOOKS


2021 [Shanghai Hot Pod] KAIDO BOOKS


2020 [Little Faded Trip] KAIDO BOOKS


2020 [Long time no see] KAIDO BOOKS


2019 [Faraway boat] KAIDO BOOKS


2019 [Neko wa Neko] KAIDO BOOKS


2018 [memories of younger days in Shinjuku] KAIDO BOOKS


2018 [sleeping cat] SUPER LABO


2017 [slow boat 3rd edition] Imageless


2017 [collecting summer] SUPER LABO


2016 [Black frame vertical possition] KAIDO BOOKS



2015 [Seitaka-awadachiso 2nd edition] KAIDO BOOKS




2014 [SHORT TRIP AGAIN] Matatabi Library


2014 [EXTRA HARD] Matatabi Library


2013 [Lucky cat] Matatabi Library


2013 [Horse & Cactus] White Press


2013 [My favorite 21] Zen Foto gallery


2013 [twin boat] session press


2012 [Umimachi・1997] Matatabi library


2012 [DISTANCE 2nd edition] Matatabi Library


2012 [Matatabi] Super Labo


2011 [Long time no see] Média immédiat


2011 [SHINJUKU] Super Labo


2011 [Tokyo'80s] Super Labo

2011 [Umimachi] Super Labo


2008 [1983 Nogata:Echoes of Coal and Steel] Grafica


2008 [The Dog in France] Sokyu-sha


2008 [slow boat 2nd edition]


2007 [DRAGONFLY] Tosei-sha


2006  Zine[1989・Summer to Osaka] Matatabi Library

2006 [GRASSHOPPER] Tosei-sha

2005  Zine[The Dog in France]  Matatabi Library

2005  Zine[KODOJI] Matatabi Library

2005 [in-between Latvia,Spain] EU-Japan fest Japan Committee

2003 [slow boat] Sokyu-sha


2001 [hysteric Five : Onaka Koji] hysteric glamour

2001 [Tokyo Candy Box] Wize Shuppan


1995 [DISTANCE] Mole


1991 [Seitaka-awadachiso] Sokyu-sha





2015 [The memories of younger days in Tokyo revision] KAIDO BOOKS


2012 [The memories of younger days in Tokyo] Matatabi Libray




2006 The Photographic Society of Japan new photographer prize


2002 The18th Higasikawa new photographer prize


1992 The 4th Society of Photography prize  





Fondation A Stichting-Brussels


MOMA San Francisco, USA


Shanghai Museum, China

Carré Amelot- La Rochelle-France

Tokyo Metlopolitan Museum of photography

Higashikawa Culture Gallery-Hokkaido




I set up my first darkroom when I was 16 years old in my room at home and then I started to do film development and printing by myself.


In 1982, When I was 22 years old, after graduating from Tokyo Photography College,I participated in an independent gallery called "CAMP" that was founded by Daido Moriyama, I had my first exhibition at "CAMP" in 1983.


At that time,I took photos of my hometown for the exhibition because I had been away since I was 10 years old.


I had the feeling that I wanted to find my lost childhood memories there.


When I was 28 years old, I opened up a small space for my work that I named "Gallery Kaido" and I did a series of exhibitions titled "Seitaka-awadachiso" that were held 32 times over a period of 4 years.


When this exhibition series came to end, I made my first photo book.


Since then, I have travelled to a lot of rural Japanese towns and foreign countries. But even now, I think that I am still looking for traces of my own memories in every place I visit.


I haven't really changed that much, I'm still making all my own prints in my darkroom even now.




Koji Onaka